Who we are

Nurture Model Initiatives was founded in 2015 and registered on 09th April 2019. We are located in Kisaasi 4.9km from Kampala city Uganda.

We are a constantly evolving organisation which responds to the needs of our community. We identify with the poor, the disadvantaged, the powerless, the afflicted, the oppressed, the marginalised. We have special concern to children, orphans, vulnerable children, youths and the elderly. We respect the equal God-given dignity for both men and women. We therefore challenge unjust attitudes and systems that promote unequal distribution of resources, opportunities due to discrimination among people. From this we derive our holistic understanding of human needs and form the basis of our response to human need. 

We feel called to servanthood and promote the same among our clients, donors, our staff and their families, boards and volunteers. Doing all this means facing honestly our own pride, selfishness and failure.

Our vision

“A healthy and empowered Africa free from the burden of disease and poverty”.

Our mission

To improve the quality of life individuals and communities in Africa through public health interventions, affordable but quality education, job creation, research and capacity development.

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