Our objectives

  1. Advocate for and offer quality but affordable education.
  2. Creating enabling environment to nurture the young generation unleash their potential and anchor their feet on the path of destiny to live a fulfilled & purpose driven life.
  3. Provide and promote access to proper water, sanitation, hygiene(WASH) and nutrition systems.
  4. Provide and promote use of smarter health, sanitation and waste management systems (e.g. use of composting toilets for feacal waste management).
  5. Empower women, children and youths with leaderships, life and vocational skills to support Human Capital Development
  6. Conduct health promotion /education campaigns and medical missions for common infections including HIV/STIs, Reproductive health services among others
  7. Offer apprenticeship, internship and mentorship opportunities for fresh graduates
  8. Organise empowerment camps for out-of-school youth and holiday camps for school going children
  9. Promote green world global climatic improvement objectives through stakeholder engagement and training
  10. Conduct public engagement meetings in order to understand the real problems that need to be addressed
  11. Train and conduct scientific research pertaining to all human development needs
  12. Promote, advocate and support education of vulnerable children at different levels of education
  13. Engage in health Improvement Initiatives such as running mobile clinics and rescue ambulance services
  14. Conduct trainings about work ethics and attitude change with schools and organisations
  15. Create job opportunities for youths, fresh graduates and women
  16. Advocating and supporting setting up homes for the elderly, orphans and vulnerable children
  17. Set up tertiary education institutions to absorb and skill the over 70% youthful population of Uganda
  18. Conduct capacity building trainings in computer, entrepreneurship and run micro finance programs for organised youth, men and women groups
  19. Conduct character formation and values development sessions in schools and organisations
  20. Write and publish inspirational books for both local and international markets
  21. Offer counselling and mentorship services to a wide range of community members.